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Because experience and skill really do matter when it comes to something as important as 24hr. Emergency Repair Call out Service, here’s one important thing you should always know about A Professional Semi Truck & Trailer Repair Corp., on a 24/7/365 day basis, we consistently providing high quality 24hr after hours Shop and Emergency Repair Services to hundreds of valued customers in Cities across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Since 1993 we have set the standard for providing 24hr Repair Service in the U.S. We communicate with all our customers personally, we don't outsourced. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Crescent City, FL, Richmond and Fairfield, CA., handle every caller with the highest standard of professionalism. Our technicians are carefully selected and trained to deliver the highest level of service to our customers every time.

How We Can Help You:

We have developed proprietary software, procedures and know-how in the field of roadside service, we’ve pioneered in the field of breakdown roadside services and we have comprehensive experience in developing nationwide networks and repair service centers programs for fleet companies and equipment manufacturers.

A Genuine Commitment to People:

At Professional Semi Truck, our decisions are guided by our conviction that all business relationships is about earning our customer's trust and respect; and we will therefore never choose a short-term reward over the value of a long-term customer relationship. We know if your customer's are satisfied with your service, you’ll ultimately be happy with the high quality of service provided to you by our service professionals. To foster this philosophy, we devote significant resources to the initial and continuing training of all our personnel. Our dedicated professional trainers, are charged with educating and motivating all our employees, to ensure there is a collective commitment to delivering customer satisfaction to all our levels of services we provide and to also ensure that customer satisfaction, remains our company’s top priority at all times. Standard training programs includes: Newly Hired, Refresher, Certification, Employee Mentoring, Leadership and Train the Trainer programs from customer's feedbacks.

Branded products and Specialty Services Training Programs are designed in coordination with our customers, prior to the launching of new products. Specialty Training and Quality Assurance Campaigns include:

  • Tenure and Performance Requirements for recruitment into Specialty Services
  • Manufacture Certification Process, including Branded Training
  • Quality Assurance Scoring and Goals
  • Joint Quality Assurance Calibration Program with the Manufacture
  • Re-Certification Programs, Brand Training, New Vehicle Launch Training